The KBee

Empower your staff with the knowledge they need so they can solve IT issues quickly and easily.

IT Self-Learning & 24/7 Technical Assistance

  • ​Many Common issues can be self-solved more quickly than a support ticket can be answered with the help of TheKBee.
  • TheKbee gives your staff the IT knowledge and resources they need to save both time and money and increase productivity. 
  • IT Knowledge when your staff needs it most.

KBee Articles

Simple to understand articles that are easily followed

We spend a lot of time and effort on details and consistency. Instead of throwing a massive amount of information together in various shapes and sizes, we arrange each page with the same finesse and care.

Key Features

  • Clickable Table of Contents

    Easily jump from one step to another using our smooth and helpful Table of Contents.

  • User-Friendly Icons

    In addition to our screenshots, many steps contain additional icons to further guide users to the right location on their screen.

  • Most Popular Articles Section

    The Knowledge Base automatically keeps track of the most popular KB’s in our Popular Articles section.

  • KB Zoom

    Users can change the zoom level to size text and images to best suit their taste. Once a user changes their zoom level, the system will always remember, so even if they log in on a completely different machine, it will not revert.

"Empower your staff with the IT knowledge they need so that they can solve common IT issues quickly and easily.”


Empower your staff with The Kbee

We take care of day-to-day IT issues:

Your IT Department can stay focused on strategic IT projects.